Hi, my name is Tahlitha Andrews. I developed my passion for learning and teaching while working with children in the rubbish dumps and slums of Cebu city, Philippines. By working with these children, supporting them as they developed their understanding and watching them grow as learners, I was inspired to complete my Bachelor of Education. This was so that I could be a part of many more learners’ lives as they develop their understanding of the world around them.

My personal philosophy of early childhood education is that it is the foundation for all future endeavours that a child will undertake in their lifetime. I believe that teaching in the early childhood classroom is like a Ballet. The teacher is the choreographer. They bring together the curriculum, their personal pedagogy, teaching practices and knowledge of the students. Teaching within the early years recognises that students have different strengths, learning styles and needs. The early childhood teacher uses this knowledge to plan lessons that engage and support the students’ acquisition of knowledge, by allowing them to explore and conceptualise their new understanding within a safe learning environment. Teaching in the early years is a collaboration, in which each member has an important role and is a valued member of the team.
I look forward to learning with you.

Tahlitha Andrews
Director & Kindergarten Teacher