We believe your child is a unique and special gift from God. His/her response to the world around them is modelled by loving parents, teachers and members of the College community.

Our aim in your child’s Early Learning years is to develop both a caring, positive community and an experience-rich, play-based learning environment where your child feels comfortable, accepted and secure.

Our Early Learning curriculum is based on The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, with the kindergarten children using the concurrent curriculum “Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline” developed by the QLD Studies Authority.

Both are based on the following outcomes:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with, and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of well-being
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

No one aspect of the curriculum stands alone, but all learning areas are integrated to cater to each child physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually; and to encompass the different cultural and family backgrounds which each child brings.

Nature Play

At CCC ELC we support the Nature Play QLD initiative to ‘get kids outdoors’.  Unstructured play outdoors – nature play – is essential for our children’s overall wellbeing.  Benefits to children include improved focus, creativity and confidence, along with the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Creative Play

We encourage children to be imaginative and creative.  Children use creative play to know themselves, to build relationships with others and to make sense of life’s daily joys and problems.  

Community Connections

Regular interactions with our wider CCC community through visits to chapel, music performances, and reading buddies, enrich the experiences for all and make the transition to ‘Big School’ something to look forward to.


Staff in our Centre value the uniqueness of 1-5 year old children and strive to explore the potential and possibilities that they possess at this age, especially in the area of art and music.

Each year we aim to produce items that highlight the amazing creative talents of individual children.

We encourage children to act with increasing independence and endurance, and engage in ways to explore and be imaginative and creative.

It is an exciting process each year as children work together to produce “works of art” for both the Gympie Show and Little Kids Day Out events.

Literacy and Numeracy

Pre-literacy and numeracy is embedded in the learning programs.

From counting how many blocks in a tower to exploring the pictures in a book, our educators engage in conversations with the children to support their understanding while songs and stories are sung and read together.

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