Our Philosophy

Our Early Learning Program is based on the following beliefs:

We believe parents are the most important educators and nurturers in a child’s life and that we are privileged to support you in this role. Our practices are based on Biblical wisdom, our professional knowledge of child development, current research and practical experience in early childhood.

We believe every child is a unique individual, a capable learner, full of curiosity and wonder. Children are keen to explore God’s amazing creation, to share and communicate, to take risks and be challenged.

We believe that children learn best when feeling suitably challenged, but unhurried. We facilitate safe, managed risk-taking appropriate to each child’s varied experience and developmental milestones.


We are blessed to have access to the wider CCC community and believe that regular interactions through visits to chapel, music performances, and reading buddies, for example, will enrich the experiences for all and make the transition to ‘Big School’ something to look forward to.

Each year we support the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Child Appeal, filling shoe boxes with gifts for children in need all over the world. CCC ELC arranges various visits from community and service organisations, enriching their experience and understanding of community.


We believe effective communication with parents is key to building a sense of community and confidence.

At CCC ELC we make use of regular printed newsletters and digital communication. We respect individuals’ right to privacy and to discuss their child’s needs in confidence.


We embrace and include every child, their families and their individual family structures, backgrounds and cultures. A friendly and welcoming environment with meaningful communication and social interactions is a high priority for us.

As a Christian Early Learning Centre, we teach and celebrate the significance of Easter and Christmas along with other important cultural days such as Australia Day.

Guiding Children’s Behaviour

We work closely with families, as we value consistency between the ELC and home.

Our approach is based on the Responsible Thinking Process (Edward Ford) which uses questions to help children make choices that are positive for themselves and those around them. We believe children respond to consistency, support, appropriate limits and facilitation of problem solving.

We support children to reflect on their behaviour and understand the consequences of their actions and how these affect others. Again, this is done with the basic understanding that God’s Word provides complete teaching for how we should live and interact with others. It is our moral and spiritual compass and provides an unambiguous template for appropriate behaviour and attitudes.

We provide outlets for children to explore emotion, learn ways to deal with varied emotions and express themselves in a safe environment.


Our children are ‘digital natives’ and using technology is second nature to them.

At CCC ELC we intentionally use current educational technology to enhance learning. We also understand that technology can be completely absorbing so it is well controlled and monitored. Our IT systems are designed to ensure on-line safety through internet filtering and application locks.

Continual Improvement

We maintain a high quality, safe and enjoyable environment for the educators, children and their families.

Our staff regularly attend professional development and training to keep their knowledge, skills and current practices fresh.

Our ELC adheres to all departmental regulations and requirements, including the National Quality Framework, and follows the Qld Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We involve educators, staff and family members in the ongoing improvement process. We want all those involved to feel empowered, equipped and up to date. We value your input and suggestions on any improvements we can make.